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About this sample

The information below is about a fictitious software product, “Assetly.” I based Assetly on a real product I documented, though many details have changed in this document.

I wrote the original product document in Madcap Flare in consultation with a number of subject matter experts, including:

  • Product Manager
  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance team
  • Sales team members who championed the product
  • Product Team Executives

This sample reimagines the original document, now written in Markdown for use in this blog.


The fictitious product name Assetly was generated at

The sample begins below the line.


Assetly is a comprehensive asset management solution.

What Assetly does

  • Tracks equipment
  • Schedules work assignments
  • Assists in maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Plans for routine maintenance
  • Tracks technician work assignments

Maintenance Management

Create multiple preventative maintenance schedules and automatically generate work orders from highly configurable templates.

For example, inspect a building’s HVAC system weekly, but include changing air filters during the inspection that occurs the first week of each month.

Create maintenance plans that link work regularly done in a standard sequence across multiple assets.

For example, define a maintenance plan for the daily inspection of 15 work trucks. Each work truck receives a separate work order along the route. Assign the sequence to the tech to quickly add all work assignments.


Stay on top of the labor, parts, supplies, and miscellaneous costs used for maintenance work with Tasks.

  • Use tasks to describe the actual work for the technician to complete
  • Assign labor types to each Task type to quickly modify labor costs
  • Create multiple tasks for work completed by different technicians or on different days

Inventory Management

Assetly integrates an inventory management solution for supplies kept on hand for maintenance tasks.

  • Stock the same catalog item across different warehouse locations

    If needed, track serial numbers for individual stock items.

  • Track upcoming purchase requirements and generate

    • Purchase order requests to obtain needed items from a vendor
    • Transfer requests to move items between warehouses
  • Received items generate general ledger detail needed for accounting entries

Additional Features


  • Assetly includes ready built reports to start immediately.
  • Customize any existing report to individual needs.
  • Create reports from scratch

Track equipment location and usage

  • See location of all assets on a map
  • Review asset lifecycle status

Work assignment templates

  • Calendar templates create work assignments based on the last work order date, either due date or completion date.

  • Counter templates create work assignments based on a defined measurable value.

    For example, hours or odometer readings

  • Action templates create work assignments based on information added to completed work assignments.

Work assignment management

  • Track costs
    • Parts
    • Labor
    • Individual Tasks
    • Miscellaneous costs
  • Create work assignment templates
  • Track required materials
  • Plan for purchase order or inventory transfer requests