Feature Plan (sample)

In planning out a new feature, the Product Manager wrote out an issue card in GitHub for developers to reference. The card included the PM’s notes from visits on site with customers.

I updated the card by:

  • Removing extraneous verbiage
  • Adding sections and rearranging content
  • Updating references to existing product features

Some portions of the issue make sense within the broader product portfolio. Those have been left without further explanation in the edited card, as such additional information is already known to the development team.

The text below reflects the end result of my clean up efforts, though many details have been changed from the original GitHub issue.

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An office worker stages a work order by building a list of items needed for the work order, then items are assigned to the work order and removed from available inventory (known as “picking”).

Work Order Items

Work order items can be:

  • Serialized, but a serial number is not assigned during staging
  • Rented or sold items
  • Labor, service, or supply items

Work Order Item Planning

Items can be added from:

  • Sales quote on file for the work order
  • Customer’s price sheet
  • Standard price sheet

Items may be added by:

  • Performing a manual entry or search
    • Sales ticket item related to the work order
    • Sales quote item related to the work order
    • Price sheet item related to the customer or a standard price sheet
  • Selecting from a list of items for the work order
    • Sales quote item
    • Sales ticket item
  • Scanning a code
    • Individual barcode from a label on the item
    • Quick scan from a list of codes available in the warehouse, (for example: labels on paper in a binder)


After work order staging, picking items and assigning serial numbers happens by one of two personas:

  1. The office worker adds a serial number for each item
  2. The office sends a list of required items to a warehouse, and warehouse staff adds the serial numbers to the work order

Additional Notes

  • The list of items for a work order may continually change until the work order is complete.