Feature Plan (sample)

Daryl White
In planning out a new feature, the Product Manager wrote out an issue card in GitHub for developers to reference. The card included the PM’s notes from visits on site with customers. I updated the card by: Removing extraneous verbiage Adding sections and rearranging content Updating references to existing product features Some portions of the issue make sense within the broader product portfolio. Those have been left without further explanation in the edited card, as such additional information is already known to the development team.

Business Requirements (sample)

Daryl White
About this sample For a job application process, I was asked to revise a sample business requirements document. The provided example was a template purporting to be notes from several different meetings. I left the headings from the template as they were, but edited and formatted the contents of each section. While the original sample was done in Word, I have recreated it here with Markdown, published by my SSG, Eleventy.